Mission in Siberia

Dear Friends in Christ,

Since 1998 I have been ministering overseas, working with the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church and helping to train Russian-speaking pastors to serve parishes and mission starts throughout Siberia and other territories. This has meant braving the cold, living in sparsely furnished log cabins, and wrestling with wild bears. (Well, the part about cabins and bears isn’t true, but in wintertime it does get really cold!) It has been a most fruitful and rewarding 13 years (17 now!). The joy of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others, and of training others to do the same, has more than offset the inconvenience of the long, freezing winters.

The Mission

The goal of my work is straightforward: to ground future pastors in the Scriptures and sound Lutheran theology, so that they may be sent by the Lord through his church to preach and administer the pure Gospel and Sacraments. We seek to offer a classical theological education comparable to that which American pastors receive.

Missions means planting churches. For many reasons—including political, economic, and cultural ones—this can better be done by trained Russians than by Americans and other foreigners. It is better to equip 10 Russian pastors than to send 10 American pastors. This will help insure the continuation of the Lutheran Church in Russia and other territories. Long after foreigners have left, the church will have strong, confessional leaders.

How You Can Help

  • Pray for me and for my work.
  • Give prayerful consideration to regular giving to this mission.
  • Subscribe to my monthly email newsletter and encourage others to do the same.
  • Create speaking opportunities for me in your church.
  • Pass this information on to pastors, congregations, individuals, and mission societies who might be interested.

I thank you in advance for your consideration in supporting my ministry in Siberia. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and telling more about the Lord’s work on this important part of the globe. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Rev. Alan Ludwig

Send Thou, O Lord

Send Thou, O Lord, to ev’ry place
Swift messengers before Thy face,
The heralds of Thy wondrous grace,
Where Thou Thyself wilt come.

Send men whose eyes have seen the King,
Men in whose ears His sweet words ring;
Send such Thy lost ones home to bring;
Send them where Thou wilt come.

TLH 506, stanzas 1 and 2

Mission Siberia 2012

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